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Arg, Sidehack is rejecting emails, my domain, lives on Sidehack. Well, for at least the past few hours Sidehack appears to be rejecting emails. Looks like the spam protection went loopy, and now even local email is being rejected as being in the 'badmailfrom' list. I knew it was weird that I hadn't been getting email tonight. Then I started seeing responses to my LJ posts, but they weren't showing up in my email - which usually happens immediately. So I tried emailing myself from work, and it was rejected.

Email does seem to make it out - I sent myself an email at work. I was emailing people earlier, I hope they didn't reply and get rejected...

So if you emailed me and got a bounce, wait - try resending it tomorrow. I suspect it will be up soon after one of the admins wakes up.
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