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Well, the past several days have been a bit hectic.

After 2 hours of sleep I got up at 4AM so I could leave at 5AM to catch my 7AM flight to Otakon. My hotel wasn't going to have my room ready until 15:00, so I went to the BCC and waited to get my pre-reg badge. 2 hours. Outside. It was very hot, and very, very humid. I didn't enjoy it. After getting my badge it was close to noon, so I decided to checkout the Web Design panel. Well, I ended up ON the web design panel. A few panelists failed to show, and I've *run* the same kind of panel for other cons. Plus I have a wee bit of experience and all, so I stepped up to substitute. The panel went fairly well.

I wandered around a little and put out some fliers for pmx. Then I hit the dealers room. I laughed at the booth babes (yes, no other words for them) ADV Films hired to draw the sad fanboys in. Two attractive blonds dressed kind of like the girls from TATU - short plaid skirts, white calve socks, heels, and white blouses tied off to show off their, um, assets. One very tall and striking, the other shorter and more cute. I wasn't drawn in, but I watched a number of fanboys actually have their picture taken with them. I haven't seen tactics like that since the last tech trade show I went to. (Though I'm supposed to go to AdultDex for work later this year, so I bet that'll be interesting...) I canvassed the entire dealers room, end to end, for PMX. I gave each dealer a flier, and gave many of them the sales pitch to be dealers at PMX. Near the end I ran into Rat (he doesn't have an LJ, does he?) and he stuck with me as a finished. It was 18:00 by then, and I'd last had a hot dog at Logan before boarding my flight that morning. We tried to hook up with kviri and broken_gizmo for dinner, but they'd already been. So the two of us hit The Wharf Rat, the pub across the street. After that I got checked into my hotel and crashed out rapidly.

Got up and headed out around noon. I hit The Wharf Rat again for lunch, then over to the BCC with the remainder of the 3000 PMX fliers. I walked all over the con, spreading them all around. Hopefully they'll get some interest. I checked out the ADV panel, and some of the Pioneer panel, but I had to leave. The highlight of the trip for me was the AnimeCons Mailing List dinner at Legal Seafood. We reserved a private room, and it was all current and former con chairs and senior staff from cons all over the US and Canada (don't think we had anyone from off continent). Expensive dinner, but hey, sometimes you gotta treat yourself. And it was a lot of fun. Lots of fun conversations and war stories. And a few of us got up to tell stories to the room. I was sorry when it was over. But it was back to the con. I wandered around for a bit, but nothing caught my eye. I sat down in a traffic area and sure enough had a string of conversations with friends who wandered by. A number of people from the Anime Boston contingent, and kviri. It got late, so it was off to the hotel for rest.

I meant to hit the dealers room one last time and maybe buy something, but I felt lazy. So I lounged around my hotel room and watched the NASCAR race at Watkins Glen. kviri called and we hooked up for a late lunch/early dinner. At The Wharf Rat. Look, do you see the pattern yet? The Wharf Rat is a damn good establishment - they're a brewery with a *fine* selection of product, and their food is really good too. If you're ever in town:
The Wharf Rat
206 West Pratt Street
Baltimore, Maryland

Go before 7PM, get the 3 beer sampler for $3 - they're not tiny glasses either.

Got up and leisurely prepared to leave. I booked an afternoon flight so I wouldn't have to rush. Checked out a bit before noon, Super Shuttle to the airport, and things went as previously reported. Delay, but made it home just fine. Traffic wasn't that bad either. Relaxed the rest of the night and watched some TiVo. Had some trouble actually getting to sleep, so I answered a number of silly LJ quizzes.

Back to work. BUSY BUSY BUSY. Catching up from being out. Big news is that the rumor of a new VP of Engineering is true. He starts Monday. This also impacts me because we're being reorganized. My boss and I got moved to the engineering group and will report up through the new guy. Lowen is staying in the sales group to support them directly. I'll probably make a restricted post with more details on this stuff soon. It does look like this means the chances of us hiring Audrey in the near future are nil - and I was hoping to work with her, she seems very cool.

Actually a bit of a slow day. I had to be home all afternoon for a gas company appointment to swap our my meter. I was going to go into the office, then go home. But while I was getting ready I realized I'd be driving 40 minutes total to spend about an hour in the office. So I just stayed home. I can get at my email remotely, and I was planning to spend the day reading up on PHP anyway. Which I did. Watched way too much Tech Live in the evening (TiVo backlog) and then I had a nice IM chat, and then a phone chat, with someone i met online.

Back to the office again, and the day raced by. I ended up working 13+ hours without realizing it. I lost several hours in the afternoon because I was physically moving as part of the re-org. 4 PCs (3 desktop, 1 laptop), 4 monitors, lots of books, etc. And then I tried to catch up on personal things like email (still a LOT of email backlog), LJ (caught up now), etc. And now it is REALLY TOO LATE and I should be going. But I've been having a fun IM chat with impykins that I don't want to quit, and I've been compiling this. But it is almost 4AM, and I have am meeting at 11AM, so I should away RSN.
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