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Twenty Questions

I saw these in impykins and decided to answer them too.

1. What is your astrological sign?


2. What is your favorite book?

This is a hard one, I like a lot of books. I think the novel I've re-read the most is The Hunt For Red October. Wore the cover off. But I also really loved Snow Crash, and Watership Down, and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, and.. AGH!

3. Movie?

Um, I've watched The Hunt for Red October more times than is healthy. "One ping only." I watched The Wall *WAY* more than is healthy in college, I've seen it well over 100 times now - I'm afraid to think how well over 100 times... I also really, really dig The Crow. (I can rant about how stupid Brandon Lee's death was too...). Schindler's List almost always makes me cry.

4. What is your current living situation?

I live alone in an apartment that is too small.

5. Do you have a car (if so, what kind)?

Yes. A Deep Cranberry 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser Limited Edition.

6. What is your sexual preference?

I'm het so far.

7. Boxers or briefs? (If you’re a girl, what kind do you prefer on a man)

I wear briefs, but have been thinking about trying boxers for a while.

8. What was your favorite childhood cartoon?

Define childhood. When I was young I remember loving Star Blazers (and now I have all the VHS box sets). I also really loved Battle of the Planets - which just goes to show that I had NO taste at the time. Gatchaman is cool, BotP is not. 7-Zark-7? Ugh. Robotech got me into anime, and I still enjoy it. I was also a big Jem and the Holograms fan - and I still am. I liked Thundercats, but i think I had a thing for Cheetara. ;-) College doesn't qualify as childhood, but Darkwing Duck, Gargoyles, Gummi Bears - all good stuff!

9. Are you parents still married to each other?

Yes. Well, I'm adopted, so my adoptive parents are. No clue about the donors of my genetic material.

10. What is your favorite childhood memory?

Wow, I read the question and my mind went completely blank. I remember random snippets, but favorite? I have general memories of being with my maternal grandmother at her house, helping her cook, playing in her living room, etc. I have very fond memories of her.

11. Are you in a relationship?

Um, well, impykins? :-) Well, at this point I'd say no, but we'll see... possibilities.

12. What qualities do you look for in a girl/boy friend?

Intelligence, an open mind, intelligence, kindness, intelligence, a good (and twisted) sense of humor, intelligence, physical attraction, oh, and before I forget to mention it, intelligence.

13. What is the best gift you’ve ever gotten?

Friends randomly doing things with me when I needed the boost.

14. What do you do?

Breathe, eat, sleep... Or does this mean what do I do for a living? Well, I answered this with more detail in another recent entry. I'm an engineer for Cyphermint.

15. What are your hobbies?

Watching anime, listening to music, reading, coding...

16. Cat or dog?

MU. I'm allergic to both. I like cats more though.

17. What was your favorite birthday and why?

Um, I really don't celebrate my birthday much anymore, and I can't think of any particular one that was special. See, my birthday is the day after xmas, so it tended to get blended into the general holiday crap.

18. Do you want children?

I don't think so. At this point in my life I say no - but I don't rule out my opinion changing.

19. Do you do drugs? (and if so, where can I get some?)

You mean illicit drugs, and not like the Excedrin I take or the beer I had with lunch, right? I have, it is no secret - over the years I've done a number of different things.

20. What is your favorite outfit?

Black boots, black jeans, black polo shirt, black Maui Jim shades - with either my gray/beige London Fog or my black leather duster if it is colder.
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