MegaZone (zonereyrie) wrote,

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  • Tue, 19:59: I just got a fund-raising call from @DanaFarber, which is fine - I donate. But they tried to get me to give out payment info to them. WTF?!
  • Tue, 20:01: You NEVER give out payment info to someone who called you! You cannot trust Caller ID. When I said no they tried to convince me. @DanaFarber
  • Tue, 20:02: When major organizations do that kind of thing it really, really annoys me. Especially since I work in InfoSec. *gnashes teeth* @DanaFarber
  • Tue, 20:06: It isn't the first time I've had some organization call me and then ask for sensitive info. That's social engineering 101 - ALWAYS SAY NO!
  • Tue, 20:48: I just entered to win an LG G3 from @TechnoBuffalo and you can too! #tblgg3giveaway
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