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MegaZone's MegaSale - 75 auctions, TiVo, anime (normal and hentai) and non-anime VHS and DVD

Yeah, I'm selling a butt-ton of stuff. I've been building up a backlog of things to sell on eBay, and over the past few days I finally listed it all. Special highlights:

- One of my expanded TiVos. Living alone I don't really need *2* giant TiVos, so I'm selling one. Philips HDR212 Series1 298 hours, TurboNet card (Ethernet for TiVo), Lifetime subscription - starting $600. That's the cost of an 80 hour unit with lifetime, after rebate.

- The "Public Performance Rights Included" release of James Burke's 'Connections' - $300. That's half-price. Great for training, club showings, etc - like it says, the rights are included.

- Lots and lots of anime, both normal and hentai, on VHS and DVD. (And a few non-anime titles.)

I made a convenient web index to the listings.

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