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  • Wed, 18:05: I had to buy this - it was a moral imperative. Check out SCIENCE - STAND BACK at via @represent
  • Thu, 03:09: Sharing to support my friend in need. Cause for Katy #GetCheeky
  • Thu, 07:19: @TheBloggess Answering phone during corp event: "We're a bit under-staffed" x "We're short-handed" = "We're a bit under-handed today!" Dead.
  • Thu, 07:21: @TheBloggess Discussing molecular gastronomy at party; a chef centrifuges peas to extract essence. Wife blurts: "HE EXTRACTS THE PEA-NESS!"
  • Thu, 07:24: @TheBloggess Tried to say "Groucho Marx", said "Marcho Groux." Then frustratedly repeated it several times as friends laughed. Damn brain.
  • Thu, 07:26: @TheBloggess Best friend & co-worker sent a tech support reply to a customer. Meant to say 'buffering problem', said 'buggering problem'.
  • Thu, 07:30: @TheBloggess Crass co-worker called the 'pointing stick' in laptop keyboard a 'clit mouse' - got into my brain, repeated in mixed company.
  • Thu, 07:36: @TheBloggess Recently a gate agent recognized me as I was boarding my flight, greeted me, and asked how my wife was. "She left me." Awkward.
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