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That 'how did you meet' meme...

Well, THIS tutned into a major project. I'm glad I did this in emacs and pasted it in, gah.

Ok, remember, I *SUCK* when it comes to names - especially matching up names and faced in my memory. Add to that my legendary lack of time sense and you can see why this wasn't easy for me to do, and why it may not be wholly accurate. Please don't take offense if we have met and I said that we haven't or something - just follow up and remind me. Since I very, very rarely manage to catch someone's name until we've met a few times, and I also have to run it through the chain of LJ handle to real name or possibly LJ handle - name listed on LJ - full name - nickname/handle I know you by, it is asking for me to screw up.

_nicolai_BOFH - I don't think we've ever met in person.
adv_dp_fanDLW - first met in person at NekoCon several years ago.
aeireThe wonderful creator of Queen of Wands. We haven't met in person yet, just online in LJ, XForums, eBay, etc.
agthorrUm, I'm not sure.
arconiusWe first met in person at an early Anime Expo I believe. But we first knew of each other in anime fanfic circles, since he's the 2nd person to post such online.
arcticelfI met him through jehanna.
ardanielI think we actually saw each other at AX a few years ago, but I really met her in MA through Gweep social gatherings.
asdfjlkI think we met at a Gweep gathering.
ash_3We first met at a con, AX perhaps?
atarikeikoNever met, just someone who's LJ I like to read because she seems cool.
audiogeekWe first met a while back.
autumnesquirrelUm, we met what, in 98 or 99? I think it was through frozencapybara
azurelunaticWe've never met, just another cool LJ.
blackcoatI don't think we've met, have we? He's an Eyrie fan and a friend of impykins - so he must be an ok guy. ;-)
blarglefiendBOFH - I don't think we've met in person.
bluegargantuaWe met at WPI around 1992 or 1993 I think. He was my housemate for a year.
bouncingleafWe met through Gweep social gatherings a few years ago since she worked with several people I know.
brainiac69We met back around 1991 at WPI, via z_gryphon I think.
broestlsI think we first met a couple of years ago, but I don't remember exaclty where or how - other than anime related.
broken_gizmoMy first contact with her was when she was distributing Adminspotting shirts as a BOFH. I finally met her in person a few years ago via RCN Gweeps.
cbeveridgeWe first met a few years ago at an gathering.
cdybedahlBOFH - I don't think we've met in person.
chemical_pockyYou know, I'm confused on this one. It was an anime con.
chiieddyMet a few years ago at an AoD gathering, then through Anime Boston.
cmdr_zoomI think we met at a con.
szeWe've never met. She friended me and seemed interesting.
cosI think we met via social gatherings.
cykotekWhen did we first meet? Was it a party?
czarlWe met at a Gweep gathering since he's with lizzielizzie
delenn1122We met a few years ago when she started dating usagijer
dirteecrayonWe haven't met in person - friend of a friend.
dlw_fan_serviceDLW's other identity.
donnerjackWe haven't met in person, but we will in a couple of weeks when I visit impykins
drdtI think we met at WPI back in 1989.
elfsWe've never actually met. We tried once when I visited Seattle, but had a miscommunication about the day. We were both* regulars back in the day.
elisteranBOFH - I don't think we've met, have we?
etherialI think we met in the past couple of years at a party.
fallenpegasusBOFH - I don't think we've met.
gavvWell, hmm, I'm fuzzy on this one. I think we have met at an anime con or two.
gizmoekI met her not quite a year ago at one of qedrakmar's parties. We dated. She dumped me. We're still friends.
harrison_rippsWe met at WPI, around 1993 I think.
gweepprefectI think we either first met at WPI just before I left, or through mutual Gweep friends. It was aroudn that time.
iajomaaThe evil anti-kviri
impykinsWe will meet in person for the first time in a couple of weeks. She's an Eyrie fan, and a friend of several of my friends. But somehow we'd managed not to communicate directly until a few weeks ago. But I'm *very* happy that we finally have.
invader_haywireHaywire is, I believe, the person I've known longest out of everyone here. I believe we met at the pre-frosh 'check out the campus' weekend at WPI. I was reading either one of the Robotech Art books or one of the Robotech RPG books and he noticed and we chatted. Mostly about how you could build a working Valkyrie. Then I didn't really see him all freshmen year, only to share an apartment with him the next two years.
iwascaiteWe've never met.
janscottfrazierWe've seen each other many times at anime cons over the years.
jehannaWhen did I first meet you? It was dinner at the Chinees place on Gold Star that is long since gone, wasn't it? You had recently started dating kviri and I think I was visiting from CA.
jhimWe went to WPI together, he was a year or two behind me.
mindwaysI think we first met through kviri around 1998 or 1999, right? Then we worked together at Event Zero.
jwzWhile I doubt he'd ever remember, we exchanged emails briefly back in 1996 when he was with Netscape and I was with Livingston. But we've never met.
kazmatI keep confusing this LJ handle with keshwyn... Anyway, when did we meet, back at WPI I suppose?
keshwynI met her through kviri I believe at about the same time I met mindways
kilareiA cool person from XForums, we've never met.
kirikayumuraI think I may have seen her as a guest at a con, but I don't think we've really met.
koboldThe kick-ass artist behind Something Positive. I should finally meet him in a few weeks at the RandyCon gathering.
kraigBOFH - I don't think we've met.
krellisUm, I'm not sure! Have we met?
kunphormystA friend of impykins, we haven't met.
kviriWe met around 1990 at WPI via the amorphous social structure of proto-GweepCo.
lady_faeWe met for the first time a few years ago at an AoD gathering.
ladyspriteWe met back around 1992 or 1993 I believe. And I think it was through z_gryphon
lagazWe met through jehanna, around 1998 I think.
lizzielizzieI think I first really met this GLOG after we'd both been at WPI a couple of years. I don't remember how we first met exactly though, but very likely via GweepCo.
lordrichardI believe we first met at AX.
lucasthegrayI believe our first meeting was one of qedrakmar's parties.
mackysI'm not sure if we have met or not - it would've been at a con.
marm0tWe haven't met, she has a cool LJ.
mechamanWhich con was it?
mephronWe met around 1991 when he showed up at WPI and announced that he was an UF fan, then crashed in my apt. :-)
meranthiWe've seen each other a couple of times, starting around 1999 I think. Via frozencapybara, right?
mercyspeaksWe haven't met yet - but RandyCon is coming.
mikecapWe first met in the wedge at WPI in the mid-90s.
milknutActually we first met via in 1998 or 1999, IIRC - I was living in Waltham. *Then* I found out she knew Gweeps.
mizarchivistI don't believe we've met yet.
murph_grrlOh, hmm, we met in Worcester before I left for CA. So it must've been 1993/1994 I'd say, through GweepCo
nilasaeBOFH - I don't believe we've met.
ninjaratYou know, I don't remember when we first met, or how. It was before I moved to CA, I'm pretty sure. We know a number of the same people.
norikos_authorBOFH - we haven't met.
nouBOFH - Pretty sure we haven't met.
palegreyminionWe met at WPI in 1991, IIRC.
pawoHe's one of the first people I talked to at WPI. I signed up for my Encore account right away and hit the terminals, but was kind of lost. The guy next to me looked like he knew what he was doing, and I thought he was an upperclassman. So I bugged him - it was pawo and it turned out he was a frosh too. But he did know what he was doing - at least more than I did.
pdelahantyWe met back at WPI in the mid-90s.
scixualWe've never met.
pfloydWe met at WPI back in the early-90s.
pirWe met online first and in the past few years at social events.
profesorAnother person I got to know through GweepCo at WPI in the early 90s.
prowler1971Hmm, when did we first meet? In the past few years - was it through z_gryphon?
fubarHmm, I'm not sure if we have met or not.
damned_colonialBOFH - I know her mostly online. I met her briefly at a party at pir's a couple of years ago.
qaryllaUm, I'm not sure.
qedrakmarI can't remember when we first met, but it was after I moved back in 1998. I think we were both at a social gathering.
queenrelenaWe first met many years ago when she was one of my fanfic panelists at AX.
rbarclayBOFH - pretty sure we haven't met.
reddragdivaBOFH - again, I don't think we've met.
riki_himeWhen did we first meet? I'm pretty sure it was at AX several years ago.
robotech_masterI *think* we met at ACen...
ronebofhBOFH - don't believe we've met.
sauergeekBOFH - haven't met.
seigyokuWe first met at a con a few years ago.
simonbBOFH - haven't met.
sinapusUm, unless my wires are crossed we met at a con several years ago.
slaWe met at WPI in the early 90s.
slartiI think I met him for the first time since I moved back, through usagijer
solipsistnationAnother of the early GweepCo crowd, which is how I met him.
spiderourheroWe've mostly chatted online, but we met up once for dinner last fall.
frozencapybaraI met her when she started dating kviri, who was my housemate at the time.
syringavulgarisI believe we met in person a couple of years ago at Arisia.
tarzxfI've met him a couple of times through ardaniel
that_xmasWe met back at WPI in the wedge, then we shared apartments for two years.
trysteroI'm pretty sure we met through solipsistnation
thorfinnBOFH - I don't think we've met.
tiny_rhinoWe met at WPI. I think it was through someone on GweepCo (dating someone?). I had a big crush on her too, :-)
usagijerI think we met aroudn 1990 via proto-GweepCo.
wedgexI'm not sure - con?
wedsI don't think we've met in person.
z_gryphonMy best friend. We met in 1991 at WPI when he was a frosh, because a friend of his who had been to WPI told him to find me and my anime collection.
zikzakwe met through GweepCo circles at WPI.

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