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I was leaving early today, wasn't I?

Cyphermint closed at 13:00 today for the holiday weekend. Since I come in later I figured I'd stay a later to be fair. Now, I did dick around with my LJ for a while, but, um, I don't think I spent 6 hours on that. Actually, I know I didn't. Since I was thinking of leaving at 15:00, and it is 21:17, I think I should be going. I've been re-learing PHP through brute force and ignorance, which is time consuming it seems. But now I have our basic test script working in PHP, and I learned a bunch of things to do, or not to do, so the next round should be easier.

Of course, since I was 'leaving early' I didn't bother with lunch again - I AM RAVENOUS! One packet of crackers and a can of Coke did nothing but wake my savage hunger! I must feed!

Right. Off I go.

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