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More Q&A

A friend of mine emailed me these questions last month and in the midst of all the work I've been doing I never got to them. I know she reads my LJ, so I'll answer them here.

1. Why do you live where you live?

Life's circumstances I suppose. I first moved to Worcester, MA to attend WPI. And I made many friends in those years. I moved to Berkeley for work, but I moved back mainly to be back with my friends, and also because my grandmother was ill, and I figured my great-grandmother wouldn't be around for every. (Both grandmothers and my great-grandmother have since died.) I lived in Waltham, MA when I moved back. But I was laid off and kviri was moving in with frozencapybara, and z_gryphon was also out of work and moved back to Maine. So I couldn't stay in that place on my own, and I won't room with strangers. So I decided to get my own place. Worcester was still home to several of my friends. Housing costs in Worcester are also cheaper, and while it would be a long commute it is still a doable commute to most of the MA tech corridor. So I figured I could still take a job when I found one. Well, I found one actually close by. I was thinking of moving again this summer, but I looked at my finances and decided to stay and pay of my debts first. Maybe next year I'll move - this place *is* too small for me, and it isn't the best neighborhood.

2. Why do you think modern houses stopped being two-story in all the upscale designs?

They have? I haven't noticed. I know my mom dislikes stairs in her home because she has MS, so the last few places they've moved to are one level.

3. Did you want (more) children? Did you ever argue about it with anyone?

Well, currently my view is that I don't want children. I reserve the right to change my mind. And no, I don't think I've ever argued with anyone about it. None of the women I've been involved with have had an immediate desire for children.

4. Did it take you a long time to find someone (new)?

I don't really understand this question. If it means finding a relationship - well, I actually tend not to spend a lot of time actively looking when I'm single. I live my life and see what it brings - see who enters it who catches my eye.

5. Do you have patterned socks?


6. Do you think it's hard to put CDs in the car stereo? Have you ever installed a car stereo?

Not really. And, um, no, no I don't think I have really. I've helped friends work on things in their dash, but I don't think I've ever installed a car stereo.

7. Do you revisit childhood foods as an adult? What are they? Why do those things have strong memories for you?

I'm don't even know what a childhood food is - food is food. I'll still each PB&J, sugared cereals, etc. So maybe I never grew up. :-) There is really no food I ate as a child that I didn't just keep right on eating. Well, I remember I used to toast english muffins, drown them in butter, slather on peanut butter, then lather on jelly or jam. Very messy, very unhealthy. I stopped doing that a long, long time ago. I'll still put PB&J on toasted muffins though.

8. Wagon or tricycle?

I had both. But personally I liked the Big Wheel and Spin-Out 360 - so those were trikes.

9. Tea or coffee? why? With stuff? What kind? Why or why not?

Tea. I don't know, I also drink coffee but I just like tea more I suppose. I usually put in sugar - especially Sugar In The Raw. Sometimes milk and sugar. Sometimes honey. Coffee is usually cream and sugar. I'll buy a box of assorted tea bags.

10. Did you serve in the military? Good experience or bad?


11. Library or bookstore? - bookstore. I haven't been in a libary in YEARS.

12. Do you like chairs that move? (like lazyboy things with the foot rest levers, or rocking chairs (wooden or padded armchair style), porch swings, hammock/hammock chair)

Yeah, I do. But I don't have one.

13. Do you have a garden? Fruits, vegetables, flowers?


14. Do you obsess over your lawn?

Since I moved out of my parents' home I haven't lived anywhere with a lawn that I was responsible for.

15. Do you iron the shirts you wear or are you just a naturally neat person who just doesn't get rumpled?

Neither - I tend to wear polo shirts or T-shirts. Even the button shirts I'll wear with Dockers are the sort that don't wrinkle readily. And if I'm wrinkled, so be it.

16. Do you notice other people's shoes? If so can you tell the difference between the same shoes bought on sale like fashion magazines claim people can?

No, I really tend not to notice. Unless they're on the end of a *nice* pair of legs. :-) And, um, no - and I think anyone who says they can is probably lying.

17. Colored sheets? Did you pick or did someone else? If it was someone else, does it bother you that you didn't get a choice?

Yep, a kind of maroon color. I picked them.

18. Do you think the color and style of a man's bathrobe says something about his real personality that most people don't notice because they don't see it? What does your bathrobe say about you?

I suppose it may. My says I don't wear bathrobes - I don't own one. If I'm wearing clothes around the house it is sweats and a T-shirt.
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