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Pain makes me grouchy

A couple of years ago, at the Shamrock House, I was carrying a 21" monitor up the stairs and I stumbled. I caught myself, but I kind of jammed my left leg out to do so and something in my lower back, on the left, went *sproing* in an unpleasant manner. It actually felt like something went 'pop' in my back - hard to describe. It hurt a lot for a while, but faded over time so I wrote it off as a pulled muscle or something. But ever since then my back has hurt from time to time. This July when I was in Anaheim I was walking around Disneyland a lot, and on my walk to the park, kind of before I'd 'warmed up', that same spot on my back would first start to 'burn', and would eventually bloom into a searing pain. I have a high pain threshhold, so I would walk through it and it'd usually fad a bit. But I had a couple of bouts in the park when I *had* to sit down *right now* because I was about to collapse. The pain got bad enough that it was shooting down my leg and I couldn't feel any sensation but pain from that area. So I went to a doctor...

No, that's what I should've done. But I was on vacation and it passed if I rested, so no, I didn't. When I came back I was immediately drowned in work and forgot about the doc. This weekend I decided to try to clean up my apartment for the first time since I moved in. Which means unpacking things to get rid of the boxes, and putting some things back into different boxes, etc. Many of these things are books. Which means heavy boxes. Last night I was tossing a bunch of boxes around and my back went *sproing* again in exactly the same place. Not the physical popping feeling this time, but I was lifting a box and *stab*. I still hurt this morning, and it still hurts now. I'm walking with a bit of a limp - funnily when my weight is on my right foot the left side of my back hurts the most. Must be something in how the weight is cross-braced in my back. Even sitting for too long in one position starts a kind of burning feeling in my back.

I have a doctors appointment for next Monday. I figure the worst I did was damage a disc, and maybe I'll need surgery. But if it were very serious I'd kind of expect it to have been a constant thing.
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