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A quick one

I should make a longer post, but it is very late (early?) and I need to crash, so this is the short form:

- Huge praise for lizzielizzie for once again being out Purgatory Mistress. The gathering was great. You deserve mad props. :-) But you always rock.

- Thanks to milknut for the stretching instructions for my back.

- usagijer and delenn1122 were great hosts for the post-dinner gathering at HOUSE. And I'm still jealous about how freaking cool HOUSE is, I want one like it. And for making the dinner reservations for the traditional post-Purgatory dinner. We had *34* people, which I'm fairly sure is a new record for us. 2 more people and we would've completely filled two sets of tables.

- I'm sorry that z_gryphon didn't make it this year. Wish you were there.

- Ditto for broken_gizmo

- It was nice meeting rhysara, but I *swear* we met before. You look so familiar, but I don't know where we would've met. Or where I would've seen photos of you, or what. Weird, if it wasn't you then you must look like someone else I've met and I don't know who. :-) Anyway, glad you decided to stick around the rest of the night, and I hope we didn't scare you away from future gatherings.

OK, I have a bit more I want to say about the past week at work, life, etc, but later.
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