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Monday Monday

Today has been a mixed bag. I got up late for my 9:00 doctor's appointment, but I managed not to be too late. And there wasn't any real wait.

First time with this doc, who turned out to be a pretty young Indian woman. I like her, very nice person. I hope she sticks around. (My last doc left.)

My blood pressure is HIGH! Like 150/110 high. Not good. I've always had semi-high blood pressure, but this is way, way up. In the "I'm going to skip lifestyle changes and put you on *two* meds immediately. We can't wait to bring that down" range.

I requested the battery of blood tests since it has been a while and I'd like the piece of mind going into a new relationship. I haven't exactly been high risk, but better to be sure. The doc seemed impressed by that, said it was a great attitude to have.

So I had the physical, then x-rays, then blood work - so I finally got out of there close to noon. Oh, and did you know there is a Hep B vaccine? I didn't. I started on that too. (It is a three shot thing.) Also had a tetanus booster.

Now, remember my bitchy post from Friday? As I was leaving I noticed my left rear tire was flat! That is doubly wrong since it was supposed to be 'fine', and rotated! So I went back to the dealer. Yep, they charged me for the rotation but the tech forgot. So they've got my car again. And they're taking the leak seriously this time.

But this means I'm sitting in the Galleria having lunch, and not at work as I should be. At this rate I may end up just calling it a loss and taking a personal day.

And I'm thinking of impykins, hoping her doctor visit is going well.
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