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And so it begins...

I was *so* tired last night that when I got home I pretty much went right to sleep. Didn't eat dinner, didn't login, etc. I got home, turned the heat on, turned on my laptop, then went to get out of my work clothes. I was overwhelmed with the need to sleep and just crashed. I barely managed to go around and turn off the lights. So I was out around 8PM, maybe earlier.

So sometime around 2AM I woke up. And I was *awake*. So I watched some TiVo, checked out mail and news, posted some more promos for the auctions I'm running, etc. But by the time I started feeling sleepy it was getting to be early morning. And we'd had a good bit of snow, so I gave up on going back to sleep and I got dressed in jeans and went out and shoveled my walk and dug my car out. Then I came back in and changed into my work clothes, and headed out a little early. Even with that I was a little be late getting in, but not too badly - pretty good considering the roads and weather. And the fuxxored construction on Rt20 near work.

But this means:
1. I've already been up over 7 hours, and it is just 9:30. This day is going to be LONG.
2. I missed dinner. I didn't eat before work. I grabbed a Pop Tart on the way out, which I ate when I got in. I'm already feeling very hungry. Lunch can't get here soon enough.
3. I'm so going to be looking forward to the piss-up tonight.

I hope gizmoek can make it tonight. I haven't been able to see her all week.

Oh, and any gweeps coming to the piss-up might want to bring a camera. I'm wearing a suit. With a *tie*. Yeah. End of the world stuff. This is a rare photo op.
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