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  • Mon, 16:20: I'll take "Things you don't want in your tire" for $1000, Alex.
  • Mon, 16:26: Infosec, you're doing it wrong. (I typo'd that as infosex... Really, still doing that wrong too.)
  • Mon, 16:33: Damn, bolt did enough damage that they can't get a good patch. Leak has slowed enough to drive, but I'll need a new tire. $£¥€¢
  • Mon, 17:20: RT @DickKingSmith: Gravity causes objects with mass to gravitate toward one another & on Earth it gives weight to physical objects, however…
  • Mon, 17:21: I tip my cap to this. Bravo. Well done.
  • Mon, 17:22: English, because Fuck You.
  • Mon, 17:24: I found the eclipse very underwhelming here in MA, the sky barely dimmed - but we should get near totality in 2024. Start planning now! ;-)
  • Mon, 17:29: This is kind of awesome - side effects writ large.
  • Mon, 17:53: This day is fired. Was awakened well before my alarm - twice. Found out the door on my car was open overnight somehow. Then got a flat tire.
  • Mon, 17:54: Plus my shoulder is jacked up and producing a nice constant pain (I've been in PT the past few weeks for this). My fuse, it is now short.
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