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  • Sun, 19:24: RT @ElementalAmber: Oh no. Oh no, the website...
  • Sun, 20:42: The British Airways lounge in Terminal E is pretty darn nice.
  • Sun, 21:19: I was running late for my flight, so I rebooked on the next. So now I on the upper deck of a BA B747 instead of an A380. A380 home though.
  • Sun, 21:21: As an aviation geek, this is actually better - I haven't been on a B747 since 1999, IIRC. And not yet on an A380 at all.
  • Sun, 21:22: With the B747 undergoing mass fleet retirements in passenger service opportunities to fly on one are rapidly vanishing.
  • Sun, 21:32: I in a rearward facing seat, which is a new experience. It makes sense for balancing number of seats and passenger comfort.
  • Sun, 22:18: And we're off. Next stop Heathrow, thence CDG.
  • Mon, 08:01: Someone left an unattended bag at check-in at CDG, so now we're stuck in baggage claim until they find the owner or can remove it.
  • Mon, 08:13: Actually, from the announcements or sounds like there are three bags - one a check-in, one by a gate, and one left by baggage claim 8.
  • Mon, 08:25: We're free!
  • Mon, 09:37: Finally on the bus to the park. It has been a long day; I'm wiped out since I barely slept on the flights.
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