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An alternate port for MSN Messenger - via Trillian and/or Gaim?

Several months ago I setup Trillian on my XP box and Gaim on my Linux box, both at work. Our firewall does not allow the standard IM port traffic to pass, but that's OK since AIM, ICQ, and YIM all offer alternate ports for their clients. So I have Yahoo running on port 80, and AIM and ICQ both on port 20. Finding these ports simply meant installing the standard client and using their handy 'find an alternate port' feature, letting them connect, and then copying the port number. However, MSN Messenger lacks this feature. Oh, it seems to connect OK. My WinXP box's built in Windows Messenger is connected right now (with an account I created for work). But I can't find the settings. I tried Etherial, and I watched it connecting, but trying to copy the IP/port didn't work. But I know XP has Windows .NET Messenger and it is different from the 'standard' MSN Messenger all the non-XP platforms use, so that may be it. Google also failed to help.

So, anyone know of an alternate port to use with Trillian and/or Gaim to connect to the MSN Messenger service?
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