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Shit list

Instead of a rant, a short list:

- impykins may not be able to come to visit next week, due to medical issues. She hasn't heard back from the doc, since they were closed due to Isabel. I have my fingers crossed for her in any case, but I'm really hoping she can still make it. (The piss-up will happen either way.)

- Last night I was in my bathroom and witnessed a mouse run from underneath my washer, out the door, and into the kitchen toward the fridge. Great. Mice. I don't leave food laying around, and I haven't noticed any nibbled containers. I'll have to get traps or something, and keep an eye on my pantry to make sure nothing is getting munched.

- I used a new can of shaving gel the other day for the first time and it seemed to have pressure issues. I skipped shaving yesterday, then this morning I used it again. I'm rubbing it on my face when I look down and see this giant runnel of gel descending the side of the can. For anyone who knows The Slurpee Story (one of The Tales of ReRob's Wedding), it was kind of like that, only in slo-mo since it is shaving gel. I tossed it in the trash, still foaming, before leaving. Must buy a new can, I was planning to shave my head in the morning.

- SHIT! Wedding! I never sent in my RSVPs for pfloyd's wedding! Because I put them with my bills, then didn't get around to processing them when i expected to last weekend! Shit shit shit. Must send RSVPs and pay bills!

- There is an old office chair in impykins apartment that is missing most of the foam from the arm rests, exposing the metal plate underneath. This plate has pointy corners. As I was sitting down once while there I misjudged and poked myself on a corner, but didn't think much of it. I washed a load of jeans last night, including that pair, and this morning I found a huge hole in the ass of those jeans. So now I'm down to 2 pair of jeans, instead of 3, and i have to wonder if the hole was there when I wore them for my flight home the next day - of if the torn threads just frayed open in the wash. I think the latter, I probably would've noticed the hole.

- My sleep has been screwed up most of the week, and this morning I massively overslept and had to rush since I woke up after I'm normally in the office. And I was tired enough that I felt like I was in slow motion, fighting through some viscous fluid. Mentally I'm all "C'mon! C'mon! Move!", and physically I'm blinking, dumping the toothpaste off my brush into the drain, and other blunders. I hate that when you need to rush most you're usually the least prepared to do so.

- Dipshits who can't drive in the rain. 1. LIGHTS ON! It is very grey and overcast, it is pouring, road spray has reduced visibility to nil. It is not cool to sneak up on other vehicles and pop our of the mist without warning. It is especially not cool when you have a dull grey car so you blend in - even silver, black, etc, isn't exactly high visibility. It is for your own good as well - in NY it is the law, you must turn on your headlights if you're using wipers. One of the traffic laws I think makes sense and wish MA had - or maybe they do and they don't promote it. 2. I know it is raining. I know you can't drive worth shit and your car is a shit pile. So I'm fine with you driving slower than the speed limit. I am, however, NOT fine with you doing so IN THE PASSING LANE! Slower traffic keep right - assholes!

- I need to clean my apartment. I started, then I got busy again, and now i have things half done. I need to finish with more boxes so I can vacuum. And the bathroom needs cleaning. Probably this weekend. I think I'm going to take next Thursday off too, so i can do last minute cleaning and errands before <lj user="impykins'> arrives - if she does come.
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