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Fun weekend - but bad week so far (sick)...

Friday night was a lot of fun. Another great piss-up at the 'shoe. I had a lot of fun. Unfortunately I had to bail early. I'd had a headache that afternoon that had gone away, but it came back with a vengence *very* quickly. It was like the start of a migraine - general pain, loud noises and bright light *hurt*, nausea, etc. While I was having fun I just couldn't take the noise (and flash bulbs) and all and I had to bail. I felt a bit better when I got outside into the cool air and quiet. I was dreading the drive home, because normally at that point oncoming headlights are like ice daggers in my eyes, but it wasn't too bad. I went to bed, directly to bed, when I got home.

Saturday gizmoek came over and we went out shopping for something for her to wear to the party that night, and for the swap gifts. Shopping was relatively painless, considering the season, and then it was back to her place for her to change. I met her mom, albeit briefly, and wrapped gifts while she changed. She has a very friendly spinger spaniel, which would be fine except I'm VERY allergic to dogs. Since he was all over me the minute I walked in, I was having a bit of an allergy attack by the time we left. So when we got back to my place I took another shower before changing for the party, and took some DayQuil. That helped a lot.

Then off to profesor and palegreyminion's for the party. That was my first time to their new home - it kicks major ass. I want a house like that. I *loved* it. They were also very kind to those of us with allergies, and had penned up the dogs and cat and taken away the cushions and things that would be fur havens. So I was able to spend the night there with only a mild allergy attack by the end of the night. I'm very glad I decided to go. Originally I'd decided not to since I tend to avoid gatherings where their are pets, for my health, but it was pointed out to me that this was a new home and all hardwood, etc. And it worked out. I had a *great* time.

Unfortunately the weekend went downhill after gizmoek went home Sunday morning. I felt fine when I got up, but that didn't last long. By mid-afternoon I was feeling kind of 'off'. I figured it was just residual allergy issues. By 4 I was feeling pretty poor, and was starting to think I wasn't going to be up for the Sunday dinner I'd been looking forward to. By 5:30 I had an *overwhelming* need to become horizontal, and I knew dinner was right out. I took a nice, long, hot shower, took NyQuil, and was out by 7PM. I didn't get up until my alarm went off at 7AM - and I still felt wrung out. Yesterday at work sucked. Today isn't much better. I want to be sleeping. DayQuil is keeping me functional - but just barely. I keep losing my train of thought, and I can't remember things I *know* most of the time. My boss is on the road so I'm the only technical resource for the department, so I kind of have to be here. Especially tomorrow since he'll be doing an install at a customer site and I'm his backup in case things go pear shaped.

I hope I don't give this to anyone else. It also sucks because I don't want to see gizmoek while I'm sick since she's at the end of the term for WPI and it'd REALLY be a bad time for her to get sick. And I'd feel like an asshole if I gave her whatever this is.
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