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It is 04:16, I'm crashing - why does my brain pick now to ponder getting a vasectomy? Sure, it isn't the first time I thought about it - I started thinking about it over 10 years ago, and have on and off since. But it isn't a huge concern - I'd have to be having sex for it to be a concern at all, etc. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that I don't want kids. I've felt the same way for over 10 years, since I first really considered it. I'm not a big fan of kids, and I'm, frankly, too selfish a person - I don't want to give up my freedom or have that responsibility. Kids are ok if you can spoil them and give them back. I want to be a grandparent, but skip that middle step. ;-) Or the crazy uncle - but I'd need a sibling for that to work. (Though maybe I'll end up with a woman who has a breeder sibling.) It is kind of funny, lately I've been running into more and more people who label themselves as 'childfree'. I'd been largely unaware of this 'movement', or whatever you'd call it. People who seem to be upset at society's pressure to have kids, or the attitudes expressed by people who think you need children to be 'complete'. As with most such things, I find it amusing in some way - I don't want kids, and I don't care what label that entails. But I don't pay much attention to what society expects of me anyway, so why should this be any different? But I guess I my opinion happens to be that shared by those I know who are 'childfree'. (The label is distinct from 'childless' - meant to indicate a deliberate choice, freedom from having a child, not a loss, void, etc.)

But still, this is not the time for my brain to want to do soul searching and ponder deep, life altering decisions. This is time for sleep.
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