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Since I'm up

Tonight was RandyCon at The Cambridge Brewing Company in Kendall Square. A gathering for som_pos fans that mercyspeaks organized. kobold was there, and it was the first time I met him. Turns out he's a really cool guy, and I think he'd fit right in with the folks I usually hang out with - a gamer, a bit of a geek, funny, creative, etc. :-) From mercyspeaks's photos I thought she was very attractive. I was wrong. She's not. She's jaw-droppingly, stunningly gorgeous - and funny, smart, and charming. jhim calls her a "Bond girl bombshell." And she and kobold make a cute couple.

I was, shock, running late - because, you know, I'm never late for anything. I also need to break my streak of making wrong turns when going to Kendall Square. Once I again I was nearly where I wanted to be, took a wrong turn, and was forced across the river on the bridge (well, better than NOT on the bridge I suppose). I knew it was wrong as I took it too, but I was committed. But I wasn't the last person to arrive!

Speaking of arrivals, shortly after I got there, jhim arrived! It was really cool to see him again, it had been a few years. I'd forgotten that we did see each other a few years ago at one of the gweep gatherings, but still, it had been a while. He's still a gorgeous man, and still very cool.

The beer and food were good, and the conversation was enjoyable. All in all a nice evening. People moved around a bit after the food was finished, so I got to chat with a few different fans, though I spent most of the night chatting with kobold and jhim. Near the end I relocated and ended up next to juldea, who is a rather friendly and attractive geek girl. (Hey, she had this shirt on.) She's just moved to the area from Oaklahoma, so this was one of her first chances to meet a bunch of people. Since things broke up a bit after 00:00, after the T had stopped running, I gave her a lift home to Malden so she didn't have to wait around for the 02:00 Night Owl. We got to chat a bit, which just made me wish I'd said hello earlier. I like meeting cool people.

Then I worked my way back to I93, and since it was the middle of the night I decided to take that back to I90 instead of taking Storrow. It was weird driving on the 'wrong side' of the highway - since they've opened the Northbound side of the new Central Artery, some of the Southbound lanes have been shifted onto the old Northbound structure so they can continue work on the Big Dig. I've driven that stretch of highway enough times over the past 14 years or so that flying down it at night (the ONLY time you'll 'fly' on that part of I93 - it is a parking lot by day) gave me this huge "YOU'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY! STOP!!!" vibes. But it was kind of fun too - felt a bit like playing a driving game and just messing around. :-) As messy as it is, I'll just say again how fscking impressive the Big Dig is from an engineering and construction perspective.

So it was a very enjoyable evening. I was sorry to have missed the Garlic Fest today that jehanna and solipsistnation went to, but I heard about it too late to plan ahead and I needed to rest before tonight. So I slept in most of the day. And now I'm looking forward to the gweep piss-up this Friday at the Horseshoe Pub.
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