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Well, I was up fairly late after RandyCon last night, more like into this morning, since my brain was on the run. I was really sleep deprived last week, and I thought I'd catch up this weekend. HA! My sleep this weekend SUCKED. I kept waking up after far too little sleep, having bizarre dreams, and feeling generally drained. Today I woke up hours earlier than planned and couldn't crash immediately. So I bantered in LJ comments with juldea until I decided I might be driving her nuts. :-) And I got sleepy enough to crash again - but not for long. Both pawo and jehanna have birthdays coming up, so we gathered for dinner at Sakura Tokyo at 18:00. So I had to be up and ready.

I was only a few minutes late (there was an empty car abandonned in the middle of Park Ave - across the lanes - WTF?) and NOT the last person to arrive. HA! It was a good dinner, as it always is at Sakura, and a fun time. We had usagijer, delenn1122, pawo, trystero, rhysara, solipsistnation, lyadann, jehanna, lagaz, slarti, and drdt. After dinner we stood around talking, and regaling rhysara with more old Tales of GweepCo. The prime one this time was Zoner's Adventure in White Slavery, or The GweepCo Dishes.

I thought about asking rhysara if she wanted to catch a movie, but she seemed to want to get back to NH, so I didn't. Instead I went alone to see S.W.A.T at Showcase North. I wanted to catch it before it ended its run, since it had been out for a while. Tomorrow night it sounds like I may be seeing a movie with usagijer and delenn1122. I think it was Once Upon A Time In Mexico - either that or Underworld. I forget which they wanted to see, and I want to see both anyway. :-) I think I also want to see Matchstick Men.

I was jonzing for something sweet when I got to the movie, so I got a bag of cotton candy. That's it. And I'm still a bit jittery from the sugar. Bad Zoner. But I love cotton candy so, it is my weakness. :-) I need to go see movies with someone who'll split it with me. And when I got home I jitteryly watched a bit of TiVo and had a nice IM conversation with juldea.

I also found out tonight that lyadann and rhysara will be joining us for the piss-up on Friday. :-)

Oh! And I forgot to thank kobold for the sketches he did last night. I got an Aubrey. :-)
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