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Turkey Fact #12

I am *so* punchy today. I really, really didn't get the rest I needed this past weekend. I went into Friday evening totally exhausted, but to the point where I couldn't sleep. So I didn't crash until early Saturday. No problem, I figured I'd sleep most of the day - until I had to get up for RandyCon. Instead I woke up repeatedly and never really got enough sleep in total. RandyCon was fun, but then my brain started doing the racing thing. OK, I'll sleep in Sunday. Or not. And then last night i was tired, but not sleepy, and my typically whacked body clock had springs bouncing out of it, so I was up a lot later than I wanted to be. So when it came time to get up for work this morning I was very much not with it. I got up and started getting ready, but for some reason I crawled back into bad. Completely illogical. I lost about half and hour that way, until I sat up with a start thinking "WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING?!" and proceeded to complete my morning ritual and haul my ass out the door. I think I may have run a red light in Northboro on the way in, I'm not sure. I'd just taken my left off Church Street onto Rt.20 and there is another light immediately thereafter. Someone was pulling out of a parking lot on my left, between stopped cars going the other way, and I switched focus to them - and didn't look ahead until I was through the intersection. I have no recollection of the light whatsoever, and after I was through I saw cars coming out of the side street. I think it must've been green, or at least yellow, or I would've hit, or been hit. But damn, I hate when I get into that kind of spacey zone.

But I know I'm punchy because I was walking around the building and so 'relaxed' (tired) that my arms were just kind of flapping, and when I realized it I started exaggerating it and going "Danger Will Robinson! Danger!", repeatedly. Until I thought better of it. And stupid things are making me have giggle fits.
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