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One Single Moment of Beauty

I'm blatantly stealing this from Todd's post on gweepnet.deep-thoughts because I liked it.

What do you think of when you read the subject?

Leave a comment and/or post in your own journal - and if you make it public, post a pointer in a comment. :-)

I started thinking of a jumble of things in my memory.

A day driving to work when we'd had an ice storm, must've been winter 94-95, and I crested a hill on either I290 or I495 and all the leafless trees were like crystal - encased in ice, catching the sun. Took my breath away.

Collin sleeping on a chair in my apartment back in college, and the look on her face.

The look on Hazel's face on a certain weekend on Elm Street after [deleted].

Skinny dipping (OK, underwear dipping) in the Atlantic off the cape near P.Town with Ani, Goatboy, and [other fan who's name I *just* lost - augh, what was her name??] in August of 1995. I'd given [the other fan] a lift there in my Jeep. Walking around before the show Goatboy spotted me and we ended up helping them setup, then I worked the merch table that night. After the show we sat around chatting, then it turned out [other fan]'s parents were divorcing and their home was empty and right nearby on the beach. So we went there at around 02:00 and ended up going for a swim. The night was *so* clear - you could see the Milky Way clearly, and there was a meteor shower (Pleides?) streaking the sky red, and little luminescent creatures in the sand that glowed in our footprints. It was an incredible night.

Visiting La Rochelle in France with a storm blowing in, walking out to the end of an ancient seawall and having a wave break *over* me. I love storms, and the wind, rain, spray - it was invigorating. And a bit foolish since I was almost swept off the wall - but hey, I wasn't, and that's all that matters. :-)

Anyway, my brain is like that, lots of imagery flashing by.
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