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Behind the wall of sleep

Well, starting about a week ago I wasn't able to get really restful sleep. I wasn't sleeping enough, and I was waking up a lot. By Friday I figured I'd catch up over the weekend - but I kept waking up when I tried to rest and I ended up feeling more fatigued at the end of the weekend then at the start. It sucked. The start of the work week wasn't great either. I was getting grouchy because I was tired and I wasn't focusing well at work so things were plodding. I can't believe rhysara put up with all the IM conversations we've been having with my punchiness. (Hey, thanks to solipsistnation, lyadann, and whomever else was responsible for introducing her to GweepCo. She's a lot of fun.)

Wednesday night I worked late since I was taking Thur-Mon off - originally for impykins visit, but even after she cancelled I decided I needed a rest anyway. I just wanted to get some stuff done - and I didn't really work flat out all night. I was chatting with rhysara for hours and hours and I did bits of work as we chatted. After she crashed I focused, wrapped things up, and got out of there a bit after 04:00. When I got home I ate and relaxed, and crashed a bit before 08:00 with the expectation of sleeping all day.

Around 13:00 I woke up and boy was I pissed about it. I felt *dead*, but I was awake. I shuffled around and got some water and decided to go lay down again anyway. But this time, thankfully, I slept again! And I didn't wake up until after 20:00. And I felt well rested - actually a bit hyper. I actually feel *good*. I don't know what was keeping me from sleeping right the past week, but man, it was beating me up. rhysara and I ended up chatting most of the evening, until I finally caved in to hunger and made tacos (after doing my dishes). Mmmm, tacos. <gir>I love the little tacos so much!</gir> She'd crashed by the time I returned. Good, she'd better get better from her cold so she can be at the piss-up tonight. :-) We have to celebrate her new job!

I'd been thinking about going into work Monday and not buring the vacation day. But now it looks like rhysara and I will get together and hang out for the day instead. Which sounds like a much better plan than working, and worth using a vacation day. Next weekend is Anime Next, so I'm off Fri-Mon too - which means it'll be a short 3-day week for me.
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