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I woke up with a crick in my neck. Not a big deal. But it kept getting worse and I couldn't look to the right, so I took some pain killers and forgot about it. Until it spread and it grew so that moving my right arm in certain ways caused some invisible assailant to stab a knife into my shoulder. So I put on a couple of slap on therma patches and took more Excedrin, but it has still been spasming a bit. Bad enough at times to make me cry out uncontrollably - and those who know me know that means it hurts a hell of a lot. I've had metal sticking out/through me and gone "Oh, damn, that sucks." I can feel the muscle contract all across my neck and shoulder, tight enough that I can feel it pulling on my skull. It hurts enough that I nearly dropped to my knees with one spasm.

This is unpleasant.
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