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Well, I was supposed to leave for AnimeNext sometime Friday. But I felt kind of run down Thursday night and I was sniffly, so I crashed and decided I'd wake up when I woke up. Which was, surprisingly, not around 13:00 like I expected, but more like 17:00. So I lay around for a while before finally getting up. And since it was so late I was in no hurry to leave, and so watched a few shows off TiVo and ended up chatting on IM with lyadann for a while until she had to go out, and then rhysara. Which went on long enough that lyadann returned and we all gabbed in a chat room for a while until they needed to crash. I was trying my damnedest to get rhysara to come with, but she's committed to hanging out with her mom this weekend. She said she was tempted, but just couldn't. She's just letting me down easy. ;-)

So, finally, I was off to get ready to leave - after chatting a bit with dirteecrayon. So I'm packing and, hey, my bedroom TiVo is recording something at this odd hour. Check. Oh, The Seven Samurai, neat but I've seen that a few times. Oh, and it recorded Yojimbo earlier, hmm, I think I've seen that, let me check it out...

Did you know Yojimbo is nearly two hours long with no commercials (thanks IFC!) - it is. It is also a really cool movie. I don't think I *had* seen it before, which is surprising. I think it is cool that Yojimbo is based on a Dashiell Hammett novel (Red Harvest), and it then in turn inspired A Fistful of Dollars - which kicked off the Spaghetti Western era and Clint Eastwood's career. And then, of course, there is Last Man Standing (a film I liked, even though many people dislike) which is billed as a remake of Yojimbo and A Fistful of Dollars. So the concept is globe-trotting.

So now it is 05:22, I'm still getting ready to leave on this ~3 hour drive to Rye Brook. I'll probably have to pay for my hotel room since the reservations started Friday, but I should be able to check in at least. My first panel is at 13:00. I probably won't be getting there until close to 09:00. At least I shouldn't fall asleep at the wheel (again) since it will be light out soon.

Wish I wasn't making the drive alone though.
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