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  • Fri, 02:22: RT @loresjoberg: See, there are the BAD cops who shoot people, and there are the GOOD cops who merely blame the people who get shot for not…
  • Fri, 02:24: This is fucking insane. Are the Troopers in MN trigger happy idiots? If they're shooting so many people you need a special Don't Murder Me pouch, then where the license is kept isn't the problem. Plus most people need their license out of the car more than in, as ID.
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    Thu, 00:33: Very cool/interesting stuff.

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    Tue, 13:09: Seems like the Pixel 6/6 Pro announcement is self-DoSing the Google Store...

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    Thu, 17:54: It sounds like @ GovParsonMO needs a lesson in the Streisand Effect. I wonder how many other dumbass vulnerabilities there are in…

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