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Taken from lizzielizzie, who took it from broken_gizmo and gizmoek...

Allergies: A number - primarily it seems to any fur bearing animal. Cats, dogs, hamsters... It seems like if it isn't a reptile or a fish (or human, fortunately) I'm allergic to it. I can adjust over time - I lived in an apartment with two cats for a while. I just need my room to be pet free as a refuge. I also have some seasonal allergies - pollen, mold, etc.

Body Modifications: None. I've been considering a tattoo for many years but I haven't done it.

Cats or Dogs?: I like cats better.

Drink(s), Favorite: Water (cold spring water), Iced Tea

Exercise?: Not enough. I don't do much, walking mostly, and i really MUST do more for my own good.

Foreign Languages Spoken: I took 3 years of Spanish in high school, and 2 in middle school, and now I can't remember most of it. I want to learn Japanese.

Glasses, Contacts, or Nothing?: Nothing.

Hair Color: Brown. (When it isn't shaved off.)

I've Never (and wanted to): Had sex on LSD. (So I keep hearing how great it is...) Traveled around the world.

Jealous Of: People in solid, loving relationships. People who seem to know what they want and have the drive to go for it.

Kind Deed, Most Recent: Um, I don't know - I'm constantly answering questions online to help people solve problems.

Libido, General Level: It varies a lot. Lately it has been fairly strong.

Music, Favorite: Favorite? I like so much music it is hard to say. But I keep coming back to a few, like Pink Floyd and Ani DiFranco.

Night or Morning Person?: Night, definitely.

Object(s) I'm Thinking of Buying: A new microwave. I've had the same one since 1989 when I was a freshman in college, and last night it failed to heat something properly for the second time in a week or so. I think it is finally dying.

Paranormal Experience(s): Paranormal? I've had some freaky experiences and really bizarre synchronicity, but I don't know if I'd call it paranormal.

Question(s) I Want Answered: What is my purpose?

Romantic Evenings Include: Cuddling and snuggling, kisses, quiet moments

Skills I Wished I Possessed: I wish I had more creative skills - like artistic skill or musical skill.

TV Shows: What a full list of my TiVo season passes? I like a lot of different shows - I just discovered Extreme Engineering on Discovery Times and it looks good.

Unrequited Love: Oh yeah, now and in the past.

Vacation(s), Most Memorable: The two months i spent in Europe finishing my degree. It wasn't *meant* as a vacation, but I had many great times on that trip.

World Wide Web, First Year Used: I've been online since before there was a "World Wide Web". I got online in 1989. I first saw HTML in 1991 - the year it was created.

X-Rated X-periences Performed in Public: Heh heh heh. It has been many years, but there are a few - a bus ride in NYC, Higgin's Gardens at WPI on the other side of a hedgerow from a wedding reception, the Wedge terminals, a computer lab, a club downtown while watching a band (I think that was Sir Morgan's Cove), in my car while speeding down I90... Memories...

Yesterday, I: Chilled. Didn't leave the house since I had the day off and I'd been out and about both Saturday and Sunday.

Zero Interest In: A sharp stick in the eye. Dying slowly. Being a Windows admin/coder. Working technical support ever again.

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