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Burger King

OK, BK has these new chicken baguette sandwiches. I've now tried the Santa Fe twice and the Savory Mustard once.

I would like to report that the Savory Mustard was totally 'eh' - the mustard wasn't so savory, I could barely taste it. I was hoping for something with some real 'zing' to it, you know?

But the Santa Fe on the other hand was teh yum. It could use the spices kicked up a few notches, IMHO, but then, I'm a spice head. Still, it has a nice flavor. Probably the best fast food chicken sandwich I've had. In both cases the baguettes were very yummy - real crunchy crust, soft inside, and tasty. Surprisingly so.

Both sandwiches seem a bit small if you're used to the standard BK chicken sandwich on the long roll. I'm not sure if they really *are* less food or not, they're still a good size IMHO.

Also, important tip, the 'Toll House Cookie' on the menu means two gooey Nestle Toll House Cookies in a package. So if you order 'two cookies', as I did, you'll get two packages - or four cookies. Which is more than I really wanted. :-)
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