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Remember the other day I mentioned Irene, a waitress at Ruby Tuesday's? Well some jackass, who sounded fairly stupid - or maybe drunk, just called my cell phone and 'warned' me to stay away from her. Of course, he didn't disable caller ID (he's at 978-407-1266, feel free to call him all you want, whenever you want - just turn off Caller ID first) so I called him back and poked fun at him, thanked him for his number, and told him I'd let her know about the call. He didn't seem happy about that, and warned me I didn't want to do that. Thing is, when people do that, it just makes me want to do it. I suspect this is the recent-ex she spoke of. Next time I run into her I'll ask her about it.

Edit: I called AT&T Wireless (my provider) and determined that it is a cell phone in the Southwestern Bell number block - i.e. Cingular. I wonder if they have a standard text message email address... Well, they do - if his phone supports it he's If only there were a way to get spammers to pick that up. :-)
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