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Heh - Call off the dogs

Well, that was... interesting.

The suggestion was made that I post Threat Boy's text message email address to various .test newsgroups. Since that was the evilest idea I'd heard in a while - I did it. Almost immediately he called me - I let my voice mail get it. He was pissed because he'd already received 8 text messages, with more coming in. But he said he had my business card and knew where I worked and basically threatened me again, and he had my name down and knew that I legally changed it, etc.

OK. The only way he'd have the card and would know that was if he got both the card and info from Irene. That made me kind of curious, so I called him back. We started out kind of shouting at each other, him threatening me and me trying to make him shut up and talk. After a few minutes of that he said that she'd asked him to call because I was 'stalking' her. After we calmed down we actually discussed the situation. Seems she told him I was calling 'every day' - I think I called twice, the last time two weeks ago, and that I was 'driving by the place' - other than when I've gone in to eat I *once* drove over to use the DCU ATM on the liquor store next to Ruby's. As I was leaving she and 3 other staff we standing out back, chatting. We spotted each other as I drove by, and waved. That was early last week.

When I went in after my eye appointment last Thursday I sat and chatted with her and she gave absolutely *no* sign of being uncomfortable. In fact she spilled her guts about a number of details in her life. That's the day I gave her my card with my number. On Friday I decided to get dinner there on my way home from work and I ended up being her last table. She came over to me several times to chat, and even sat down in the booth across from me for a while. That doesn't exactly send strong 'you're creeping me out' vibes. She even said it was nice that I came in because she'd had a bad day and it was nice to chat with me. That's the last time I saw her. I went in for lunch with Lowen this week, Tuesday I think, and asked if she was on when being seated - she wasn't. The waitress we did have even joked about it "I'm not Irene...".

What really convinced him was that I knew a number of details about her and her ex, that she'd told me, that he thought only she, her ex, one other friend, and he would know. So he was like "Why would she tell you all that if she was scared of you?"

Basically we ended up agreeing that something fishy was going on - she seemed to be playing him by claiming I was doing a lot of things I wasn't, while making it sound like I was following her around. Meanwhile she's breaking away from doing side work to sit down with me and chat about her life. She's volunteered her schedule to me several times - how would you interpret that? A) Eep! Stay away! or B) This is when you can catch me again? These things don't mesh. I know I can be oblivious, but c'mon.

So I understand his motivation - she's a petite girl and she made it sound like some Big Scary Man was watching her every move and asked him to help. I can get behind that, I've been asked to do similar things. Just that his execution was lacking - if he'd started out saying he was a friend of Irene's and she wants me to back off, the conversation we just had tonight could've happened last night. Instead he decided to go straight to the 'puff up chest and wave dick around' action and I *really* don't react well to that. It is one of the few things that can push my buttons, and I find myself saying things like "OK, bring it on - I'm at work right now, come on over." I explained to him why I couldn't take last night's threats seriously, since it came across like a jealous ex. (Which is how the ex came up.) Once he calmed down he came across as a decent enough fellow, doing what he thought he should do to protect his friend. He seemed a might pissed off at being played though. He even said he'd do the same thing if he met a waitress who was cool, asking to get her again and going back. So he was chill with everything in the end. I told him fine, if that's how she felt, I'd stop asking for her. He told me I should go in and make her talk to me to ask what the hell she's up to. :-) We were on the phone nearly twenty minutes.

I sent out a cancel for the post to alt.test, misc.test, and net.test. But we know cancels don't really work well these days. I feel kind of sorry for the number of messages he'll probably be getting. I'm glad I hadn't yet done what I thought of doing - writing a script to post to every group that ends in .test. :-)

Still, I'm kind of pissed that she pulled this stunt too. Why would she come sit and chat with me the last time i saw her, then a week later, with no interaction, have a friend threaten me? I suspect paranoia - maybe she does think I've been driving by when I haven't. But I don't know where the 'calling every day' thing comes from, unless someone else is.
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