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Bumps in the road

Well on the way to lunch today I picked up a good size bolt in my right front tire in the construction on Route 20. Fortunately it went right in and sealed. I was able to drive it to the Goodyear tire center not far from work.

The car is up on the lift. It is *obvious* my dealer never rotated my tires, as I suspected. Being front wheel drive the front tires are much more worn. In fact my *left* front tire is almost down on the wear strips. The bolt in the right is big enough that they think it probably tore up the belts, so repair isn't recommended. My left rear tire had a leak repaired in the past.

So I could get 2 new tires and keep the old rears. But what the hell, they're putting on four new Goodyear Eagle HPs. They're H-rated, the old tires were T-rated. So it should handle better, and probably be a bit quieter. I'm keeping the rear rubber, just in case.

So, instead of working, right now I'm waiting for my car.
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