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This hasn't been a good week...

Ok, so the knee thing sucked. That is feeling mostly better, though I'm still noticably limping since it does hurt a bit when I'm supporting my massive bulk...

But now I'm sick. Last night I felt *dead*, like massively tired early in the evening. "Weird," I thought, "I'm normally up later than this." But I crashed anyway, and got a little over 7 hours of sleep - which is more than I normally get. But this morning I was *still* dead. When I got to the office I was yawning constnalty and my head felt, well, slow I guess. I felt 'off', at first I thoiught maybe I was just sleep deprived, but the sensation wasn't quite right. Then I started to feel a litlte dizzy, and got chills. Then my face started feeling flush, cheeks hot.. forehead hot... lightheaded... Yay, I have a fever. I don't think I have a thermometer at home either... hmm... Anyway my head hurts, especially my eyes, and there is blood when I blow my nose - so I'm thinking maybe sinus infection. Happy fun times. I'm starting to shiver a little, and people are commenting that it is *hot* in the office.

Fortunately, due to the storm, they said we can all go home. I suspect I will be calling in sick tomorrow, just in time for the weekend.

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