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More Poll Q&A

More questions from my poll.

So, why were we both sleeping with her at same time?
Well, when I started I didn't know you were! You'd kept it a secret, at least quiet enough that I wasn't aware of anything going on between you two. Heck, even after the first night when I came back to our room and told you what happened you laughed. And when I asked what you were laughing about you said you couldn't say, but you'd tell me later. So I just didn't know. ;-) Of course, I'm not sure it would've mattered had I known, given the circumstances.

What are your general political opinions?
I'm an independent - I tend to think pretty much all of the parties are fucked up. But I'm mostly liberal I'd say - but not a by the book liberal. I'm anti-death penalty, anti-gun-control (I like, and own, guns), pro-choice, pro-legalization (mainly for pot, but also some other drugs). I want to see more spent on education. I want to see nuclear power brought back to replace all the fossil fuel plants, and more money devoted to fusion research.

I think the 'War on X' thing is overdone and stupid. The US sticks its dick into too many situations and then acts shocked when people are angry with us. I think there should be some kind of national health coverage, not just treatment for those who can afford it. When it comes to Iraq, generally speaking, I think we did the right thing - ousting Saddam, for the wrong reasons - WMD, political expedience, etc. I think it was cleaning up the mess we left 10 years ago when we decided to leave him in power the first time. Most of the 'security improvements' introduced since 9/11 are nothing more than nuisances and invasions of privacy put up as window dressing to pacify the public by making them think something is being done. I think John Ashcroft is more of a threat to me and my freedoms than any terrorist.

I think the ban on human genetic research and cloning is stupid. I believe it will just drive the work to other countries who will take the biotech lead. I'd love to see working human cloning. ;-) I'm also 100% in favor of research on cybernetics. I don't think the government should be dictating what areas of research are 'acceptable' - especially not at such an early stage, no one can say what areas might pay off.

Independent of anything else, I think Dubya looks like a moron every time he gets on camera. He has the mannerisms of a complete dolt and I'm embarrassed to have him as the public face of our country. His dad wasn't great, but he was certainly a better speaker. Neither have all that much charisma though.

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