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I should be sleeping

But my brain wouldn't let me just yet.

Things at work are hectic but going ok. I mentioned in the past that after the re-org our group went from 3 to 2 when Lowen stayed in sales. Well, he just moved to engineering anyway. There really wasn't work for him in sales so I get the feeling it was a kind of "You can move or look for something else" situation. But he didn't move into our group, he filled the open req in the kiosk group. I think he'll be doing Java coding there.

But there is good news for our group, we got approval to hire one person, and we made an offer to Audrey. She interviewed a year ago - just after I did. Since the CEO had hired me on the spot I felt bad about her not having a fair shot at the job. I mean, I appreciated having the job, but I felt badly about how I got it. Early this year, before hiring Lowen, we tried to hire the other woman who was in the top three at the time (being myself, Audrey, and her), since she was local. She took the job, but then called the morning she was supposed to start and bowed out. OK... So we ran a new campaign, Audrey interview along with Lowen and some others. But at the time Java was a driving need, so Lowen was hired. Then we were trying to bring her on going from 3 to 4, and the re-org happened and all reqs went on hold. So now, after all that - she starts Monday. 11/10 - my anniversay is 11/11. The saga has stretched a year. I feel better now about the way I beat her for the job now too. In the short term we'll need to train her and all, but she's really sharp so I'm hoping this helps spread the load. Still, we really need another person since we were trying to go to 4 *before* the re-org. As previously mentioned my annual review is due, so I'm hoping for a decent raise in light of all the work I've done. I can certainly use one to help pay down my debts.

Other things at work. The major effort to upgrade our framework to 2.6.0, a major rev, is almost done. The perl is upgraded and my boss has done the ASP and CF5. I have most of the documents updated - or, rather, created for the first time for most of them. I posted about those late Friday. Once the docs are all done I need to update the PHP, but that shouldn't be too bad. My boss is working on updating CF MX. We had decided to drop MX since no one was using it - but the gods were watching so, of course, last week a major customer signed up. Guess what they have as a platform. We have another customer signed up and after talking with them we identified a couple of changes we should probably make for them, so we'll probably be doing a 2.6.1 ASAP to get them code.

Almost since I started I've been asking why we don't have a simple to use payment gateway, like PayPal does. We have this script framework for merchants, but it is really something for medium to large installations. More of an Enterprise level solution. It isn't something most small vendors are willing to deal with, and it is too much for small sites just looking to sell a T-shirt, or take a donation. PayPal really has 100% of that market, but we *can* do it. Well, I've been pushing this gateway concept for nearly a year. Well, suddenly it has traction. At the start of this week I was told to drop everything and write a proposal. Our backer is coming next week and management is going to pitch the gateway project as a priority. There are many ways I think we can do better than PayPal for both consumers and merchants. So I'm really hoping this gets the green light and we get it up in the next couple of months. I think it'll really change the way we market our solutions. My ultimate goal is a self-service system where a merchant can just sign up and start taking payments without ever talking to us.

But since this is kind of my pet project, and I want to see it work, I've been pushing myself even more than usual. I've been in a bit of a funk for over a week, and I've been working a bit too much. So my physical exhaustion has reinforced my emotional exhaustion, and vice-versa. I felt really run down early in the week, and my sleep has been fitful. On Wednesday I felt really shitty. People in the office would tell me I looked terrible and should go home. Well, Thursday I called in sick at 06:40. I was still awake, unable to get any real rest, and I felt like a complete zombie. I spent the day in bed, getting snatches of sleep. Friday I just felt more pressure to make up for it, and I still feel behind and have an urge to work. I'm trying to keep myself from doing work this weekend, trying to force myself to take a break. I don't think it is working very well, my brain is still ticking over.

So, what else...

Oh, a while back I posted Maybe I'll get around to posting a bit about my weekend - it involves my parents and death. And then I never really did post about it. No, my parents are not dead. They came to visit and to talk about their will, a trust, insurance, etc. Basically all the stuff for me to deal with when the last of them dies. Thinking about my parents being dead doesn't really make me feel warm and fuzzy. I think that contributed to my funk. Overall it was a nice visit. My mom doesn't like my neighborhood, wants me to move someplace nicer. My neighborhood isn't that bad, but it certainly isn't one of the nicer parts of town. I explained that I live alone, I'm trying to pay off my debts, and the less I spend on rent a month the faster I can pay things off, and therefore the faster I can think about buying a house. They were a little surprised by my look - I haven't seen my parents since I visited them in early 2002. That was before I cut my hair off. When they saw me I had about a week's growth, since I'm putting on my 'winter coat'. So they still haven't seen me completely shaven. My mom thinks I look younger like this. My dad seemed to like it better than my long haired hippy freak look. I haven't seen them in so long because they live in Florida now, and I haven't had the time and money to travel down to see them. And they haven't come to see me. They were going to early this year, but a blizzard was predicted for that weekend and they were going to drive here from upstate NY, so they called off the trip. They want me to come down and see them, and to take care of some legal paper work while I'm there. My boss is going on a long trip at the end of December through the beginning of January, and I don't think I can get free *before* then with all the work we have and Audrey to train, so I think I might be going down later in January. If I get a raise maybe I'll treat myself and stay for a while. I could use a trip to Epcot again, or maybe Cape Canaveral. Of course, it probably means going alone, yet again. I don't know if I could convince anyone to come down and join me. Maybe it isn' t worth it.

Tomorrow rhysara is coming down from NH and we're going to catch Matrix: Revolutions, and I think she'll be sticking around for the Sunday dinner horde.
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