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Buyer Beware

I was poking at eBay looking for some decent used load balancers and then I diverged and started looking at old HW from companies I worked for. There is a Livingston PM-3A-2T system with a full load of DSPs for the modems for $50 - with no bids. Back in 1997 those things sold new for what, $16-20K? Shit, I'm tempted to buy it just to put it in my collection.

But then I moved onto Xylogics, and found a Micro Annex ELS that someone wants at least $45 for... Look, the ELS wasn't worth $45 when I left Xylogics in 1995. :-) It is a shitty box - I think the last software rev it ran was 7.1, release in 1994 IIRC, and it maxes out at 38.4Kbps. Especially pointless when its successor, the Mircro Annex XL is up for $9.99!
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