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Tonight's special guest star...


Tonight's Justice League featured them fighting an extra-dimensional terror - The Old Ones. The lead creature was called Ichthultu - and voiced by Rob Zombie. :-)

It was highly entertaining. Aside from the Wonder Woman butt shots, we had Solomon Grundy as a hero with some fun lines. The writers have really started to have fun with the characters, it has turned into a great show.
"Hera, give me strength!" "Do you have to say that all the time?!"
"Standard interogation technique, I was 'Bad Cop'." "You're always bad cop." "Why play against type?"
"Nice use of space."
"Grundy volunteered." "I'm not sure he's competant to volunteer."
"Excuse me, Hawkgirl smash."
"Grundy crush pimple man!"
"Nothing to say. I've got a gesture for you, but my hands are tied."
And a pretty serious ending. You don't see many shows willing to feature faith as a central theme, especially when the faith(s) in question aren't Judeo-Christian. I never would have guess that was Mark Hamill voicing Grundy.
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