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First/last meme

first real kiss: Rebecca

first job: My parents own a heating company and I used to work there during the summers, on vacations, etc. I think I started around 12 or so. Fairly young, I did peon jobs until I was old enough to do more.

first screen name: megazone

first self-purchased album: Gah, I don't know. I joined Columbia house when I was around 12. :-) (Yeah, I lied and said I was 18.) It may have been Def Leppard's Pyromania.

first funeral: No idea, some relative when growing up I'm sure. The first I solidly remember was my maternal grandfather, while I was in high school.

first pets: 'Jaws', a goldfish

first piercing: none

first true love: Since my feelings for any two people will differ this is hard. Love is a spectrum, not a binary state. But, I suppose the way this question is intended, it would be myraleemarshall

first big trip: My family travelled a lot. We had relatives in Florida, and we went once a year starting when I was a baby.

last big car ride: Hmm, ~3 hours isn't really 'big', but that would be Anime Next.

last kiss: Someone who doesn't like being named on LJ. :-)

last good cry: I really can't recall. Not that I don't cry sometimes, but I just can't remember when I last did.

last movie seen: Matrix: Revolutions

last beverage: iced tea

last food consumed: Dinner at Friendly's

last phone call: Hmm, I had to call a customer Tuesday morning.

last TV show watched: Good Eats - right now!

last shoes worn: The size 13 black Timberland leather Euro Trekker boots I'm wearing right now. (BTW, I want to get a new pair of them but haven't been able to find them.)

last CD played: Sting's Dream of the Blue Turtles in the car on the way home.

last item bought: Friendly's on the way home - salad, buffalo chicken fingers, pot roast dinner, sundae

last disappointment: Some shit at work.

last soda drank: With dinner (Taco Bell) last night - can of root beer from my fridge

last ice cream eaten: lemon meringue pie ice cream in my sundae

last shirt worn: The black polo shirt with 'League of Evil Geniuses' on the breast that I'm wearing now.
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