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Another poll answer
Oh, checking up on my quiz I see a question I have yet to answer.

What's your worst bad habit?

Easy - tardiness. I'm ALWAYS running late. I have no sense of time and I lose track of it easily. I'm always doing something for 'just five more minutes' and losing an hour. I've been in trouble repeatedly with employers for being late. If I wasn't such a workaholic, and if I didn't do a pretty good job, it'd probably be a major issue. As it is I *know* I get away with a bit because of my overall value. But I'd probably make more money, etc, if I was better about being on time for things. It is commonly the *only* negative issue raised when I have a revue.

I'm also late to social gatherings, etc, and that can frustrate, annoy, or just plain piss-off my friends.

I'm *much* better about being on time for things since I started carrying my Palm (well, Clie now) since I can set things on my schedule and set an alarm ahead of time. But I'm still late sometimes. Especially if I give myself too much time, because then I have time to kill and end up getting distracted. I get really pissed at myself sometimes because I don't know how I can miss so much time, but at the same time I really don't care to try to do more about it. I find trying to do more about it just annoys me even more, and i get really frustrated and pissy. Since I'm actually generally OK with important things - meetings, time critical reservations, etc - it isn't too bad these days. And I'm laid back enough that when I burn myself, I just accept it. I've missed a number of flights over the years because I was running late. So I've had to rebook on later flights, sometimes paying more for a new flight, etc. Hey, I don't bother getting upset most of the time since it is usually my own fault and there is no point in getting upset over it. I'm a fairly calm traveler.

Procrastination is another bad habit of mine, they're kind of related.

I am: cranky cranky
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pdelahanty From: pdelahanty Date: November 21st, 2003 08:09 pm (UTC) (Direct Link)
"It is commonly the *only* negative issue raised when I have a revue."

Same here. ...and I consider that a VERY good thing. It's never a big issue though, but I figure if they didn't have that, they'd go and try to find SOMETHING. I mean, nobody can have a PERFECT review, can they?

Although, if I say I'll make a 9am or 10am meeting, I'll be there...but otherwise, I'll get to the office whenever I happen to get there. :)
mindways From: mindways Date: November 21st, 2003 11:05 pm (UTC) (Direct Link)
Especially if I give myself too much time, because then I have time to kill and end up getting distracted.

I hate it when I do that to myself, too.

I've started trying to hammer "getting there early is utterly acceptable" into my head, and making sure to always pack a book or something I can do once I get [wherever], so even if I'm an hour early it's no big deal. Otherwise I end up trying to make the timing work out just right, which usually doesn't work so well. Especially when using public transit...