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I suck with names - a lot. Really, if you observed me you'd notice I rarely call someone by name unless I know them well. Sometimes I even forget the names of long time friends. So someone I see now and then will come up and say "Hey MegaZone, how's it going?" and I'll be like "Oh, hey, nice to see you..." Never mentioning their name. Meanwhile, internally, I'm going "Shit shit shit, I know this person, I recognize them, what the fuck is their name?!?!"

But I also do this with memories - people i haven't seen in a while lose their names in my memories. I'll remember a face, etc, but no longer their name. This is especially frustrating with old lovers and gfs, since it was drilled into my head at some point that only a complete cad forgets the name of an old gf. I can't remember the names of *most* of the women I've gone out with over the years. Sure, I remember the name of my stalker (Barbara), my first gf (the pyscho) (Rebecca), and the one gf who ended up wanting to burn me - in effigy or at the stake, I don't think she was picky (Andrea). But there are a number who are nameless now. I really wish I could remember the name of the cool woman I met in the pub in Hamburg, or the other cool woman who let me crash on her floor while I was there. This drives me nuts when I go to cons and tradeshows too, since people come up to me with "Hey, we met at the last FuCon, remember?" Yeah, I probably do - except that if I only heard your name once in passing at a con I will NEVER remember it the next time we meet. I'm always afraid I'm going to offend someone because I don't remember their name, or that they'll think I'm arrogant and didn't deem it worth remembering or something. Especially since I have such a unique name and it seems like no one every forgets it.

(Memo to self - the girl who went skinny dipping with you, Ani, and Goatboy was Abby - you keep forgetting that!)
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