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Silly memories

Hey, z_gryphon - "...And A Taco."

Back when we worked at Xylogics (I was there 10/94 - 8/95 IIRC) one of our reseller/partners was AndataCo. One day z_gryphon realized that, with proper spacing, it said 'and a taco'. IIRC, he walked over to Mike, one of the senior folks, while he was on the phone and wrote it on his whiteboard. This caused Mike to lose it utterly.

I have other silly memories of the Dilbertian hell that was Xylogics. One night, while stuck on a support call with a complete moron, I wrote out all the lyrics to The Sister's of Mercy's 'Under The Gun' on the little white board in my corner of the over-sized cube we all shared. When I came in the next day my white board was gone and I was told some VP wanted to see me. OK... So I went down to mahogany row and got to talk to an insipidly polite woman who expressed the utmost corporately mandated concern for my state of mind. I was really confused until I realized what it was about - she was convinced i was going to kill everyone in the building and/or myself. Why? Because of the lyrics. She thought they were some kind of raving suicide/homicide note. When I realized this I started laughing uncontrollably, which probably didn't help, but managed to explain that they were lyrics from the CD I'd been listening too a lot and no, it wasn't some kind of note. I was just bored when I wrote them, waiting for the moron to run out of ranting steam so I could fix the problem and go home.

This is also the company that wanted to fire those of us who helped write this.

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