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Ashwin Sood is a lucky bastard

For those saying "Ashwin who?" - he's Sarah McLachlan's husband.

Why do I say this? Oxygen recently aired a 'Custom Concert' featuring her, which I TiVo'd and then dumped to disc. I've been rewatching it regularly since then. Her voice just does something to me - it has since I first heard 'Touch' over a decade ago. I was introduced to her music by my friend Mike O'Malley in college, before he killed himself. Because of the music, and the connection, the one rememberance of Mike I kept is his tape of 'Touch' - I still have it. But I devoured her music as it came out - I *must* get her new album, Afterglow, ASAP. I don't know what it is, just something in her voice that stirs up a lot of emotions, as well as a fair bit of lust. :-) And she is *so* lovely - I couldn't tell you why precisely, but I think she is one of the most attractive women I've ever seen.

And she is *so nice*! I mean, really down to earth and friendly. I met her once after a show at the Greek Theater in Berkeley, CA - in 1997 I believe. She was supposed to play a show on a Saturday. Paula Cole and Suzzane Vega were opening for her. But something weird happened - IIRC the truck with all the gear just went *missing*. Didn't show up, didn't check in, etc. So it was postponed and the show was on Sunday. The Greek is an amphitheater on a hillside, very nice. It was a beatiful afternoon and the show was incredible.

After the show I was hanging out under the trees out front and ended up standing around chatting with another fan. Paula walked by on her way out and said high. Suzzane rushed by, looking like she was trying to avoid stopping for anyone. *shrug* So we stood around chatting for a while longer, just enjoying a nice day, when we noticed someone walking over to us. Then I realized it was Sarah - I didn't recognize her at first because she had taken off her makeup, put her hair in ponytails, and was dressed down in overalls. A big change from the stage look. She came over to us and asked if we'd been to the show, and what we thought. Then she just stood and chatted with us about random things. It was very cool.

Unfortunately, after a while, a couple of teenage girls noticed her from across the way and came shrieking over fawning and babbling and asking her to sign *everything* they had, including themselves. Any chance of normal conversation went away when they started screaming and pawing at her. Ashwin and a couple of other folks from her party noticed from over by the bus and came over and extracted her gently from the girls.

It really make a nice impression though, the only word for her was *nice*. Very friendly and open.

So maybe I have a little bit of a crush on her. :-) And I don't think it is wrong to have a little mental image after she said...
'What is one thing that you've never done and would love to do if given the chance?' I would love to experience zero gravity. *pause* Not alone. No, actually that would make it... that'd be really difficult. So no, never mind. 'Do you want to rephrase that?' No, that's just fine. When I probably think about it, it wouldn't work anyways. There'd be nothing to push against.

The naughty little engineer in me is thinking of bungee cords, and other possible solutions to this important problem. :-)
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