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Sex Sells
Thanks to solipsistnation I've seen this seller's eBay auctions.

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jumblies From: jumblies Date: November 23rd, 2003 11:15 am (UTC) (Direct Link)

Perhaps looking for an agent? Acting break?

I wonder if that's the seller or an accomplice. She's really hardworking whomever she is, almost every picture. :)

My mind starts wondering when I read rows of feedback proclaiming 'Good service given'...

I haunt eBay for what I can't get locally and some of that is good quality underwear that is not padded (yes, honesty in practise ;) If I want something so thick I'd rather wear chainmail. So, in one of my forays, I came across a seller who was offering the kind I wanted at very low starting bids (not US$89 for a set *rolls eyes*). I thought that was because they were used (worn once) as she was an underwear model and was selling what she was given after the photo shoots. I wrote her twice to ask for a postage quote (she shipped worldwide) but she never answered. I was rather miffed because most of her auctions were bid on by buyers with male (seemingly, I know it's not proof that that they would be male) usernames and I thought she would be a bit more helpful to a fellow female.

-GRRR 'my money's just as green' RRR..