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Well, I just noticed something convenient that might be a bit of fun.

I'm supposedly going to Vegas in January to be Cyphermint's tech rep at Internext. That's an adult industry tradeshow, we're going to be hawking our payment system for adult webmasters as an exhibitor. Well, that show runs Janurary 4-7...

The Consumer Electronics Show is in Vegas January 8-11! I've wanted to go to CES for years. So I'm thinking, the company is paying for my airfare anyway - I take the extra days off, pay my own hotel, and go to CES! (I'm sure the timing is no coincidence. The now defunct AdultDex used to run adjacent to ComDex - after spinning off in the first place.)

I like this plan - now I just need to hope Cyphermint doesn't decide we're not going to do Internext or not send me or something.

And now I'm off to usagijer's...
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