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I have the jones to see a movie tonight - get out of the house, get some dinner, catch a flick. Just to not sit home.

So of course it looks like all the movies out now SUCK! Well, I've heard mixed things about 'Love Actually', though even if it is OK I'm not sure it is really a fun movie to go see alone. And since I don't know who the hell I could round up to go, I expect this to be alone. I was kind of in the mood for some kind of action or sci-fi, but Timeline looks like it completely blows from all the reviews and comments I've heard. And the previews I've seen left me totally uninspired. I hear Elf is funny but, well, 97 minutes of Will Ferrell in an elf suit might be too much. Most of the previews I saw for it seem to indicate the humor hinges on Will acting like a naive fool. While I find that amusing in small doses, like in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, I don't know if I could handle a whole movie based on it. I've seen Revolutions, several weeks ago, at some point maybe I'll toss in my two cents.

I may end up seeing Master & Commander, that's the only film out now I've really heard good things about and it seems to have a fair bit of action. Not quite what I was hoping to see, but it seems to be the best choice. So the options seem to be staying home or seeing that.
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