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Drug shortage

I think CVS screwed me the last time I got my prescriptions refilled. Now that I'm getting low it seemed like one of my prescriptions was short, so I just counted the pills. Two of them I take one a day and get 30 at a time, the third I take 2 a day and get 60. So I should have X of the first two and 2X of the third left. I have 14 of each of the first two, and... 20 of the third. I'm 8 short! No way did I do that myself. I *always* take all three at once. Then I take the third again in the evening. There is no way in hell I managed to take it *8* times when I shouldn't - hell, I didn't do it once I'm sure.

Not sure what I can do, since it has been a few weeks since I had them filled - how can I prove they did it and I didn't just spill them or something? (I carry the bottles in my bag, if they spilled they'd be in there - I checked, no spill. Not like I wouldn't have noticed the cap being off.) It isn't too big a deal, the shortage is the Ranitidine - aka Zantac - which is for heartburn. But still, this shit isn't cheap - and the Ranitidine is the one NOT covered for me.
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