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Kung Pow: Enter the crap

OK, so I'd seen the ads for Kung Pow: Enter the Fist when it was out a while back, and I was curious but not willing to pay. Then I noticed it was playing on HBO this week, so I Tivo'd it and watched it over the past two nights.

I feel like I should invoice the studio for my time, and maybe emotional and mental anguish. How the hell did this complete piece of shit get the green light? I mean, the technical achievement I can kind of admire, and it is kind of scary how well they managed to insert people into the old film seamlessly (the summer's hit comedy - Jim Carrey in Casablanca! ph34r), but the actual 'script' just wasn't funny. It was annoying more than anything else. Any jokes that might have been funny were made unfunny by being beaten into the ground.

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