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They still make WebTV... err, MSNTV?

I'd thought they'd dropped the WebTV line - but I just saw an ad for MSN TV, which is the name MS gave it a while after they took it over. Looks like RCA is still making new versions - the one in the ad was certainly a lot smaller and sleeker than the old units I've seen. (We had one at Event Zero to test the sites we developed.)

So I've got to wonder, why the hell doesn't MicroSoft ever integrate things? I mean, it seems obvious to me to offer the MSN TV service via the XBOX. It looks like the MSN TV HW is fairly low end. The XBOX is a PIII-733 with GeForce4ish video and Ethernet, and a modem wouldn't be hard. If they're going to offer TV based Internet, why not?

I suppose it isn't much of a market overall. AOL started AOLTV and then gave up. They were going to make an AOLTiVo unit which would've been AOLTV with TiVo DVR features. Hell, looking at the MSNTV HW specs, you could add it to a standard S2 TiVo with just a software upgrade since the TiVo has more power. :-) AOL gave up on AOLTV completely - they shut down the service on 11/30/2003. I wonder if the AOLTV HW is useful for anything - modding, etc...
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