November 5th, 2002

Anime MZ

Yay! Digital cable!

Charter has *finally* wired my street for Digital Cable. I'm actually a bit impressed, they'd told me they'd have it done by the end of the year when I moved in in June, but, from past experience with telcos and cable companies, I didn't really believe them. But I just remembered to check my mail for today and there was the note from Charter notifying me of the new service availability. I just called them to confirm and place my order. I was hoping they could bring me the new boxes this week, since I'll probably be starting my new job on Monday, but the earliest they could do it was Monday. So I've got them scheduled for Tuesday morning right now, which I think I should be able to clear ok with work. All the better to take advantage of with my TiVos! I understand Nick has been playing Invader Zim on Nick Toons. Since they have their head completely up their ass when it comes to airing it on Nick itself, maybe I can finally catch the episodes I don't have on tape yet. And hurrah for having BBC American again! I hope Ground Force is still airing. *checks website* Yes it is! Yay! And Discovery Wings once again as well! And The Science Channel! All the cool stuff again! Just in time for me to start working and drastically reduce my TV watching! Er...

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Ok, time to crash.
Anime MZ

I get nervous when I meet new people...

(Hurrah, I figure out how to turn on subject lines in this Windows client... Like checking 'Subject Line' in the View menu...)

I'm heading into Harvard Square tonight to have dinner at Mr. Bartley's with three people from the Something Positive web forums. Kind of a spur of the moment thing. Someone started a thread on good burgers. I mentioned Mr. Bartley's. Other locals started drooling over the burgers. And before I knew it we'd agreed to descend upon the place en masse (well, 4 people might not be much masse) tonight. I always get nervous when meeting new people, *especially* when it isn't in a situation where I know someone already. You know, if I'm out with friends and new people are along, I'm usually fine. But when it is just me and no one I know, I tense up.

Thursday night it looks like I'll be going out to dinner with Shannon, who some of you met at the last major 'shoe gathering. That should be nice.

But before any of this happens, I need to go run some errands, so I'd better get off my ass and get out of here. :-)