November 8th, 2002

Anime MZ

It's done! Yee-haw!

Ok, so I was out for dinner last night (which went very well) and on the way home I get a call from z_gryphon. He's unjammed a fanfic that we'd left stalled two years ago - after releasing 6 of 7 parts. So when I got home I did a read through, made a few little edits, and wrote another chunk for it.

You know, with my mental state of the past many months, my creativity has been in the tank. But with finding a job it feels like a weight has been lifted and my creative juices are slowly starting to flow again. Last night's work was the first real chunk of fiction I'd written in many months - and damn it felt good. And I was very happy with the results too (mostly, see below) It was nice writing something for those characters again...

So, anyway, Undocumented Features Future Imperfect - Twilight - Seventh Seal: Communion is up!

Read and enjoy!

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